What to Do and See in Sacramento, California

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As California’s capital, Sacramento has historically been as important as Los Angeles and San Francisco, if not more so. However, in recent times the glamour of Hollywood in LA and the booming technology industry in San Fran has left Sacramento somewhat in their wake. Today, Sacramento is showing signs of why you should not overlook this great, historical city. With revitalised neighbourhoods, a burgeoning art community, luxury hospitality and a masterful gastronomic scene, Sacramento is one of the best places to live in California. It has become a destination for many and home to a diverse population that have sought out the city’s desirable lifestyle from far and wide. With so much to see and do in the city including cultural events, quirky districts, markets and a medley of historical sites, Sacramento will keep you discovering the many facets of central California’s beauty. 



Peruse the Local Art and Culture

Sacramento is home to the Western world’s longest continuous art gallery, the Crocker Art Museum. The gallery’s collection is housed over two contrasting buildings, an Italianate style mansion dating to 1872 and a modernist building with light-wells and curved walls. Situated only a stone’s throw from Old Sacramento, visit the collection of American, Latin and European art after perusing the city’s vibrant central area. 



If you visit in August, be sure to check out the citywide festival that celebrates the decorative murals that populate the city’s blank walls, Wide Open Walls. The festival brings together artists from around the world to decorate the city with bursts of colour that catch the eye and intrigue the imagination. Check out the murals at 28th and R, 20th and K and 3000 Power Inn Road to marvel at the scale and bright cheer of these fantastic expressions of human imagination. 


On the second Saturday of every month, the city’s independent art galleries open up for an open-exhibition with a casual, community-based atmosphere. Pop in to browse the galleries catalogues of art, enjoy the company of like-minded locals with a complimentary glass of wine and live music performances. A great way to engage with the friendly Sacramento locals and learn a thing or two about art along the way. 


Sample the Farm-to-Table Ethos

Sacramento’s central California location has blessed it with access to some of the country’s best farmland and organic produce. Visit Soil Born Farms for a free-spirit experience anchored around the appreciation of nature in all its glory under the Californian sun. Situated by the American River, head over to Soil Born Farms on the weekend to sample their classes, workshops, yoga retreat, family activities and live music from local bands. Your sample of farm life in the city, Soil Born feels like a slice of the best parts of the rustic lifestyle without the early mornings!


For a chance to buy the organic ingredients that provide the foundations for Sacramento’s exquisite culinary scene, head to the Midtown Farmers Market on 21st and J. Supplying the city's best artisanal and organic products, you can pick up a selection of local fruit, herbs, vegetables and freshly baked goods before heading to the Handle District for a weekend morning coffee. 



Sip on the Artisanal Beverages

California is famous for its stellar wine production, the fruits of which Sacramento is perfectly suited to enjoy. The great vineyards of Lodi, Amador and El Dorado counties are only a short drive from Sacramento and available to visit for tastings and tours. For those that want to sample what is directly available in the city itself, head to Revolution Wines in Midtown. Serving wine by the glass and small bites at the bar, Revolution is a great place to visit for a classy evening drink or to celebrate with friends. Enjoy the brand’s own wine grown just outside the city - another example of the farm-to-table philosophy that defines Sacramento. 

revwineRevWine - AlinaTyulyu


The Two Rivers cider company offers 15 different types made from a medley of distinct apple varieties to make complex flavour profiles from the Triple-Hopped Cider to fruity pomegranate ciders. Casual, family friendly atmosphere makes this the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with a group. If you hang around long enough, one of Sacramento’s fabulous food trucks will arrive to serve the hungry revellers. 


Lastly, try Track 7 for one of the city’s most popular craft beer bar spots. With over fifty breweries in the city, Sacramentans take their hoppy beverages seriously. With locals favouring Track 7 for their citrusy, hazy pale ales, follow suit and enjoy one of the city’s craft creations just south of Curtis Park.


Visit the Vibrant Districts

Head on over to Handle District in Midtown, one of the city’s most coveted areas for its vibrant atmosphere and fashionable restaurants, bars and retail opportunities. Try Rind for a cheese and wine evening after exploring the area’s cool shopping like Zanzibar, sipping a coffee at Old Soul or indulging in the city’s best chocolatier’s truffles at Ginger Elizabeth - there’s so much to discover. 



The city’s history of diversity has created some fabulous, heritage-inspired areas of the city. For the very best in South East Asian cuisine, walk the streets of Little Saigon. Serving the very best in Vietnamese gastronomy, sample the pho, bun cha, knock-your-socks-off Vietnamese coffee and spring rolls. Visit Pegasus Café or 85C for the local population approved spots. 


See the Historical Sites

On a bright weekend morning, head down to the Old Sacramento State Historic Park to be transported back to the very first days of the city. Conserving the tradition of the 19th Century and the Gold Rush of the 1840s, Old Sacramento is a quaint preservation of the city’s history with cobblestone streets, vintage architecture and a fun costume shop called Evangeline’s. 


To get a great view of the historic Capitol Building, head to Capitol Park where the shaded park is lined with beautiful flora. Each of the trees is labelled with a plaque and bears some significance to the city, its history or the state of California. To the east end of the park lies a stunningly curated rose garden that blooms with a perfumed fragrance and rich colours in the late spring. 



With so much to do and see in Sacramento, it is clear to see why it has attracted a truly international residential demographic. The city boasts beautiful architecture, great weather year round, impressive dining options and a thriving real estate market with average prices below those of Los Angeles or San Francisco, making it an accessible investment in California’s strong future. To discover more about the real estate opportunities available in Sacramento, California, contact Propeterra today and invest in your family’s future, today.

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