Portland Central City 2035: The Vision

Portland is the most influential city in the state of Oregon. Whilst the city of Salem hosts the state Capitol, Portland is significantly more populous and attracts international workers to the city’s largest companies. Portland is the strategic headquarters of Intel, Nike, IBM, Columbia Sportswear and many more household names. People from all over Oregon, the wider US and even globally, are drawn to Portland for its positive energy, innovative business opportunities, verdancy and its cultural atmosphere. 

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Portland's Best Breweries: A Quick Guide

Portland has the most breweries per capita than any other city in the world. With 84 breweries in the metro area, Portland has one brewery for every 8000 people, or enough for a large Friday night lock-in. Portland, or the Rose City as it is often called, has produced world class beer ever since the demise of the Bridgeport and Widmer breweries, after which fledgling breweries seeded, garnering more local success year after year. With so many breweries to choose from, the beer scene can feel daunting to know where to start or what you want to try. Check out our guide below to the top 5 breweries and what makes them special. 

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What to do in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city loved for its hands-on approach, from its craft breweries and artisanal coffee shops to the arts and crafts markets that happen citywide. As a cycle-friendly city, PDX is easy to navigate and, to feel like a local, try cycling to see the city from a different perspective. There is a lot to see, eat and do in Portland beyond what we have selected for this list, so enjoy your own time exploring the City of Roses. Check out our list below for inspiration!

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Where to Find Portland's Best Coffee

Just over 20 years ago, the coffee revolution in Portland began. Duane Sorenson’s entrepreneurial realisation, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, was established in 1999 beginning what we now call “Third Wave” coffee. Over the past two decades, the analysis, experimentation and innovation with coffee has culminated in Portland’s micro-roaster cafés. The city is filled with independent and chain coffee shops that take pride in their individuality of product. For any coffee lover, Portland is the holy grail. With so many cafés scattered throughout the city, deciding where to go can be a conundrum - so check out our short guide below to the essential coffee spots in Portland. 

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a foodie’s paradise. The thriving culinary scene demonstrates maturity and complexity in everything from artisanal coffee and craft beer to fine dining and decorated doughnuts. Portland has curated healthy competition in creating a smorgasbord of exquisite culinary establishments. With so much to choose from, Portland will keep you always on the lookout for something new, exciting and different. If a sit-down meal is what you’re after, look no further than our guide to the best restaurants in Portland, Oregon. 

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