Niseko attracts high-end investors from Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Niseko is Asia’s top ski destination and vacation resort. Located in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido and renowned for its beautiful scenery, with commanding views of Mount Yotei, it is referred to among locals and expats alike as “Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido” or “Ezo Fuji.”

Lauding an annual snowfall of over 15 meters as one of the snowiest resorts in the world, Niseko’s champagne powder snow and dynamic tourist scene attracts skiers, snowboarders, and investors alike, as a prime ski resort and investment destination.


Economy Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ambitious economic revitalization policy, dubbed Abenomics, targeted at increasing fiscal stimulus, quantitative monetary easing, and structural reform, though effective, may not be enough to revive the economy. The effects of Abenomics on house prices, however, have been significantly positive, perhaps even more so in the dynamic real estate scene in what people are calling the “Niseko Boom.”
Legal The Heritage Foundation’s Property Rights Index places Japan at 84.1 index points out of 100 or ranked sixteenth globally, up from 80 index points since our last report and representing an increasingly accommodative environment for international real estate investors. Benefiting from political stability and institutional efficiencies, the rule of law is firmly enforced and supported by an effective judicial framework with a relatively low level of perceived corruption and low expropriation risks. At present, there are no restrictions on the purchase and ownership of real estate by foreign investors. The corporate tax rate in Japan is at a reasonable 23.9%, although income taxes are a higher 40.8%.
Regions Niseko is a small ski town with a population of approximately 5000 located two hours drive from Sapporo, the regional capital of Hokkaido. The town is nestled in the valley between Mt. Niseko-Annupuri and the beautiful Mt. Yotei, affectionately nicknamed the “Fuji of Hokkaido” for its conical shape. Niseko originally rose to prominence as a skiing destination for consistent, high quality powder snow drawing in-the-know enthusiasts from around the world. Today, Niseko’s mountain resorts are world renowned and its natural beauty continues to draw tourists year round looking to enjoy the pleasant summer temperatures, natural hot springs, adventure sports and mountain views.

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