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A Wee Dram - Edinburgh’s Best Watering Holes

Just say the word Scotland and several images are bound to spring to mind; misty, heather-covered mountains; shaggy Highland Cattle; and a glass of peaty, amber-coloured whisky. And where better to try Scotland’s most famous export than in Edinburgh? Read on for our recommendations , and the perfect whiskies to pair with them.

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4 minutes read

St James Development, Edinburgh

Sat on Carlton Hill, surveying the Georgian terraces and distant Firth of Forth, it is easy to fall in love with Edinburgh. Though a small city, it has a bewildering variety of space and place.

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3 minutes read

Battle of the Cities - Edinburgh vs Glasgow

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two great Scottish cities, one east, one west. But which is the place for you? We compare both locations - read on to find out which comes out on top!

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