MLS Franchise to Change the Face of Charlotte, North Carolina

In 2021, Charlotte, North Carolina, is set to see the induction of its newest sports team into the American Major League Soccer competition.

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Charlotte, North Carolina: The Best Place To Start a Business?

Charlotte is a city built on its success as the second-largest financial industry hub in the United States. Often overlooked internationally and, to some, completely unknown, Charlotte is a city forecast to be one of America’s most prominent cities. While it may not have the glamour of Miami, the cacophony of New York or the West Coast lifestyle of Los Angeles, Charlotte has a repertoire of strong accolades to its name. 

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Charlotte, North Carolina Banking Outpacing US-wide growth

Today, Charlotte, North Carolina, is the second-largest financial industry city in the United States after New York. Its meteoric rise to maintain the number 2 spot in American banking importance is thanks to the savvy creation of Bank of America. The major player on the international investment and retail banking scene that we know today, Bank of America was born out of North Carolina’s individuality of state law. While the rest of America’s states upheld that no bank could hold multiple branches within a state, let alone across state borders, North Carolina did not share in this limitation. In efforts to maintain credit lines to farmers who produced vitally important supplies for the state and nation, North Carolina was the first state to permit the expansion of retail banking within the US. Charlotte’s status as a financial hub and its reputation for start-up ventures in the modern age as the home of capital outside of New York could be attributed to this historic legal loophole. As banking grew in Charlotte, bankers came to reject the idea of pandering to Wall Street for capital and sought to change the way banking was conducted. Several decades later, Bank of America was formed through the merger of the North Carolina National Bank, the state’s largest provider. 

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What to Do and See in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is blessed with an active community driven to host events, express creativity and foster a strong sense of community. Every year the city has a schedule packed with exciting things to do, see and interact with for all ages and dispositions. From beautiful, tranquil trails a stone’s throw from the city centre to adrenaline-inducing sports, there’s something for everyone in the city known as Queen’s City. Check out our guide below to the essential things to do and see in Charlotte. 

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

Wherever you are in Charlotte, you aren’t far away from great food. In recent times, the city’s gastronomy has rapidly outgrown the Southern specials of barbecue and fried chicken that once dominated the restaurant scene. Now, Charlotte is a culinary city enlivened by global flavours, traditional techniques and impressive service. With so much on offer in the capital of North Carolina, it can be a headache to decide where to go. Check out our list of essential restaurants below to help you and reward your palette with some of the city’s best cooking. 

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