The Best Outdoor Adventures in Tucson, Arizona

The blue, cloudless skies of Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding Sonoran Desert make for the perfect conditions for anyone with a penchant for active, outdoor activities, from hiking to spelunking and everything in between.  Set within a valley and surrounded by mountains, Tucson is surrounded by opportunities for outdoor adventures. Grab your gear and get ready to experience the mesmerising scenery, challenge yourself to go further than ever before and, most importantly, feel the immense benefits of being active. Check out our list of the top outdoor activities and adventures in and around Tucson, Arizona below. 

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Technology Park ‘The Bridges’ set to Revolutionise Tucson, Arizona?

The vacation of 350 acres of prime real estate in Tucson, Arizona could be the defining factor in the future of the city. In 2007, the Downtown Tucson Airport building that lay adjacent to the Pantano Wash River in the El Gheko district was vacated, leaving behind prime commercial real estate in the centre of the city. This opportunity does not come around often, so naturally one of the most influential institutions and largest employers in the Tucson area decided to invest in what is now realised to be the future of the city. 

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Tucson To Develop 350 Acres in Historic Infill Project

For most cities, it is a rare opportunity to have more than a block of real estate to play with and more often than not, the result is another block of flats - great for the developers, but how can space be better used to leverage a cycle of increased investment in the area? In Tucson, Arizona, the city has been granted such a once-in-a-generation opportunity to develop the space vacated by the Downtown Tucson Airport property. Covering 350 acres, this development project is forecast to rejuvenate an area right in the heart of the city. The hope is that this development and the companies that lease the space will establish Tucson as a city with serious aspirations for the future with financial investment as the key barometer of such future success. 

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What to Do and See in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson’s unique location within the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by mountain ranges and blessed with beautiful, local flora and fauna, makes it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whilst the wealth of outdoor opportunity contributes to the city’s appeal that draws 7 million or so tourists per year, the city itself has a grand variety of things to see and do. Crucial to the Sonoran Desert landscape, Tucson has a strong Native American heritage and has been heavily influenced by Mexican culture, which has resulted in a diverse, welcoming city, full of opportunity. Check out the list below of what to see and do next time you’re in Tucson, Arizona.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Tucson, Arizona

In a quite unexpected turn of events in 2015, UNESCO named Tucson, Arizona one of the “World Cities of Gastronomy”. This accolade surprised many food writers and critics who consider European and major capital cities far ahead of little Tucson, Arizona. But, UNESCO named it for good reason as this small city in the Sonoran Desert was the birthplace of the chimichanga and a nexus for the transference of cultures between the Native Americans, Mexicans to the south, the Republic of Texas to the east and the new settlers in the north during the mid to late 1800s. Still embodying the milieu of cultures that influenced Tucson for generations, the restaurant scene is a reflection of this rich cultural heritage. From swanky hotel restaurants to family eateries and some of the finest Mexican fast food this side of the border, there is a lot to explore in Tucson. To help you navigate dining out in the city, here is a selection of the 10 best places to find a delicious meal. 

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