The Best Outdoor Adventures in Tucson, Arizona

Thomas Leverick
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The blue, cloudless skies of Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding Sonoran Desert make for the perfect conditions for anyone with a penchant for active, outdoor activities, from hiking to spelunking and everything in between.  Set within a valley and surrounded by mountains, Tucson is surrounded by opportunities for outdoor adventures. Grab your gear and get ready to experience the mesmerising scenery, challenge yourself to go further than ever before and, most importantly, feel the immense benefits of being active. Check out our list of the top outdoor activities and adventures in and around Tucson, Arizona below. 


Sabino Canyon

Located to the north of Tucson city centre, in the midst of the Catalina Mountains and the Coronado National Forest, lies Sabino Canyon. The canyon offers visitors challenging and rewarding trails, breathtaking views and plenty of hiking and trekking adventures. The Sonoran Desert is effectively an adventurers playground with thousands of miles of unadulterated, wild landscape. Visit the Sabino Creek for a magical desert oasis complete with picturesque waterfalls. For those that are less keen on walking the canyon in the Arizona sunshine, a tram service is available to take you the duration of the canyon over nine stops. 

Sabino CanyonPintrest


Saguaro National Park

To both the east and west of Tucson lies the Saguaro National Park, which is made up of the undulating Rincon Mountains and Tucson Mountains, as well as the flats of the Sonoran Desert creating a varied, expansive landscape. The name, ‘Saguaro’, originates from the indigenous cactus variety that grows readily in the area and hikers can spot these archetypal cacti as they pass. During the early spring months these cacti blossom to create a beautiful medley of colour that contracts with the otherwise sandy tones of the desert. The Saguaro Park is a favourite destination of hikers and trekkers from all over the US and further afield, so the trails available are well signposted for your convenience. With differing route lengths and difficulties available, you will always be able to find one that suits your level of fitness or desired distance. Given the heat in the peak of summer can be overwhelming, the park authorities do discourage hikes during the hottest part of the day and close some of the more remote routes to ensure the safety of visitors. 



Sentinel Peak

Situated within the Tucson Mountains, Sentinel Peak provides a gorgeous, comprehensive view of the city of Tucson. The peak itself is purported to be a dormant volcano and rumoured as such because of the fertile, volcanic earth surrounding it, which is said to be around 20 million years old. Whilst the peak is, in fact, not a volcano, it was formed as the result of volcanic lava flows millions of years ago. In the 1910s the University of Arizona claimed it as their own by carving a 49 metre ‘A’, which has contributed to the mountain’s modern day monika, ‘A Mountain’. This mountain offers routes through the rugged terrain for casual as well as keen hikers and trekkers designed to challenge and reward the more advanced climbers. Sentinel Peak is the best place in Tucson for a view over the city’s skyscape. Come here in the evenings for a magical sunset and to watch the twinkling lights of Tucson as you fall in love with the city and its landscape. 

sentinel peakGreatRuns


Kennedy Lake

Head over to the J.F. Kennedy Park in Tucson where you will find a tranquil oasis in Kennedy Lake. The park is spread over 10 acres and provides solitude from the hustle and bustle of the city’s lifestyle. The lake is known as a slice of the Sonora Desert within the city and blessed for its beautiful public-access lake. For amateur and keen fishermen, this is the place to come to angle the day away, cast your rod and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. With a population of rainbow trout, carp, catfish and bass, you will be sure to catch something worth sharing. Visit the boating docks to rent a pedalo or the tackle shop for your fishing opportunities.




Colossal Cave Mountain Park

A 15-minute drive south from Tucson in Vail, Arizona lies the Colossal Cave Mountain Park. Discovered in the 19th century during the time of the great Westward expansion by a rancher looking for his escaped cattle, Solomon Lick stumbled across not just one cave but a complex of interconnecting caves that formed a network of tunnels deep into the mountainside. Evidence shows they had previously been used by Native Americans and subsequently garnered infamy for their use as a hideaway for train robbers who had successfully completed a heist. Now, visitors can explore the almost 5 kilometres of cave networks or, if preferred, visit the accompanying museum above ground, complete with a picnic area, horseback riding and a campsite. The Colossal Cave Mountain Park is a great day out for both families and adults to learn about the history of the Tucson area from millions of years ago until the present day.   



If you love the great outdoors, then Tucson, Arizona is the place for you! Its stunning scenery, variety of trails and hikes, as well as the perennially warm weather make this the perfect place to live an outdoor lifestyle. With lots to do for children and adults alike, why not make Tucson, Arizona your next home? Contact Propeterra today to find out more about your real estate opportunities in Tucson, Arizona.   

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