Glasgow Office Market: The Booming Office Market of Scotland’s Largest Economy

To say Glasgow’s reputation is chequered would be an understatement. To some it is Edinburgh’s friendlier neighbour, where people speak their mind, and authentic Scottish culture resides. To others, it’s knock-off goods sold at the Barras Market, knife crime, and economic deprivation.

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How much do you know about Glasgow?

Glasgow has long had a reputation as a tough city, where men of steel work long, physical hours down at the shipyards and enjoy a few pints and maybe a scrap in the pub afterwards. But this reputation as Edinburgh’s less-cultured and more thuggish bigger brother is one that should be firmly consigned to the dustbin.

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Glasgow - City of Culture

Some may argue that it was Glasgow being European City of Culture in 1990 that kickstarted the renaissance that the city has experienced over the last three decades, others might argue that it was Irvine Welsh’s seminal novel, Trainspotting, written in the local dialect, known as Glasgow Patter, and Danny Boyle’s genre-defining, adrenaline-fuelled film that were more responsible for bringing Glasgow back into the limelight.

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Glasgow - Scotland’s Success Story

There is a city in Scotland where property is booming. With its historic architecture, buzzing nightlife and influx of tourists, this city has the highest number of property sales in Scotland, and the fastest-growing house prices. Where is this city? You might be tempted to answer Edinburgh - but you’d be wrong. In fact, Glasgow is the city which has been experiencing something of a renaissance. But what’s behind this resurgence of the Glasgow property market?

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5 Reasons to Move to Glasgow

Glasgow has well and truly shrugged off its reputation as a rough city and assumed the mantle of a genteel and cultured place to live. Here, we look at 5 good reasons why you should consider calling this famous old city home.

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