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St James Development, Edinburgh

Sat on Carlton Hill, surveying the Georgian terraces and distant

Battle of the Cities - Edinburgh vs Glasgow

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two great Scottish cities, one east,

Take the Tram - Edinburgh’s Public Transport Solution

Edinburgh, like San Francisco, Amsterdam and Barcelona, is one of

Strong and Stable - Edinburgh’s Consistently Reliable Property Market

Edinburgh is well-known for having one of the most stable and

How much do you know about Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and its second largest city

Manchester - the UK’s Music Capital

Manchester, well known as the UK’s ‘second city’, is rightfully proud

5 Good Reasons to Move to Leeds

Leeds, after years in the economic doldrums, is back in the rankings

Bringing Cities Together - the Ocean Gateway

Liverpool and Manchester, giants of the North West, have long been

Yorkshire… God’s Own Country

The people of Yorkshire are a proud bunch. They have no doubt that

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Oxford, UK
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