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New Jersey - The Best State For Education?

New Jersey has been wrongly portrayed in popular media of recent years. Reality shows like Jersey Shore or gritty dramas like The Sopranos, are often resented by New Jersey residents as a misinterpretation of Jerseyan life. In reality, Jersey is a state that has a culturally diverse population, great job opportunities, a strong real estate market, beautiful scenery with beaches and mountains and, most importantly, fantastic educational facilities. In fact, New Jersey is the best state in the entire US for education up to high school graduation (Florida is number one for higher-education). This success is down to a number of factors including productive government spending on institutions, a talent pool of good teachers and a community that strive to support their children in becoming well-rounded, informed citizens. 

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New Jersey’s Development Decade Attracted Wealthier Residents

The economic recession of 2007, ‘08 and ‘09 and the mortgage crisis thereof hit the US housing market hard. The recession, stemming from mortgage bonds, meant real estate was a commodity most affected. However, the ensuing decade of the 2010s saw a revitalisation of housing stock, more construction and an appreciation in value across the US. Ultimately, its affect was that the demographics of homeowners and renters shifted to reflect a new age of property ownership and tenancy. 

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The Reasons Why You Should Move To New Jersey, USA

New Jersey, or Jersey to those in the know, offers a great number of impressive amenities and facilities to its residents. The state has a beautiful, varied landscape with beaches, mountains and woodlands; great urban centres buzzing in anticipation of their prosperous futures; fantastic educational institutions that help develop some of the brightest minds; a positive job market; and accessible proximity to two of the US’ largest metropolitan centres in Philadelphia and New York. With all of this on your doorstep, it is no wonder New Jersey is such a desirable place to live, work and play. With all of this and so much more to offer, let us show you why New Jersey is the best place you could move to for you, your family and your bank balance. 

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What to Do and See in New Jersey, USA

New Jersey is the United States’ most densely populated state. Its size and proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and New York give residents all the opportunities of these cities without the price tag. New Jersey’s beautiful coastline and countryside earned it the nickname ‘The Garden State’, and with many residents choosing to live there for its charming quality of life, its nickname makes the utmost sense. Its size means that everything is accessible in just over an hour from wherever you live. With everything from buzzing cities with great food, entertainment options and thriving art scenes, to beautiful landscapes and relaxing coastlines, New Jersey has it all. Check out our guide below on what to do and see next time you find yourself in New Jersey, USA. 

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The Best Restaurants in New Jersey, USA

New Jersey, USA, also known as The Garden State, is in the midst of a gastronomic revolution sweeping its cities. The state’s dining options were once known as being dominated by pizza parlours, but now New Jersey’s image is changing for the better. This new age for New Jersey restaurants is supported by the state’s cultural diversity, opening global flavours and new techniques to its curious diners. Inspired by the world-renowned dining scenes of New York and Philadelphia, two cities within touching distance, have played a significant role in bringing new life to New Jersey dining opportunities. An influx of talented chefs are bringing their global expertise to create modern, destination restaurants to the state, revitalising hospitality and receiving critical acclaim. Check out our list of the best restaurants in New Jersey below. 

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