The Amazing Architecture of Charleston, South Carolina

A National Historic Landmark in the United States, Charleston, South Carolina has played an important role in the country’s history, socially, politically and economically. The city houses over 2800 historic buildings to this day, many of which are preserved by a trust or body who respect the importance of maintaining the city’s history through these landmarks. Charleston has so much to explore, from cobblestone streets to the city’s many churches that give the city its nickname, the ‘Holy City’. The city was founded in 1670 on the west bank of the Ashley River, before migrating to its current location in 1680 where it has remained ever since. With over 340 years of history, the city’s architecture has organically adopted styles and tastes over this period to include Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Neoclassical, Neo-gothic, Italianate, Victorian and Art Deco designs. Check out our guide to some of the historic architecture you can still see in Charleston today. 

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What to Do and See in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has strong seasonal tourism and a friendly local population that embody the South Carolina zeal, both of which love the city for its history, weather, food and variety of things to do. Also, the city has long maintained a passion for art and history, a love for the sea and a buzzing, independent shopping scene. For a handy guide to the best spots in Charleston, check out our list below and tell us what you want to do next time you’re in Charleston. 

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina

Although a smaller city by comparison with America’s other cities, Charleston certainly holds its own for culinary depth. The city has long been recognised for its importance within the country’s food industry for its breadth of flavours, techniques and cuisines - from Southern fare and the classic barbecue  modern, refined cooking and international flavours. Before we dive in, there are a few honorary mentions. Firstly, Lewis Barbecue, arguably the best in town and a staple of the Southern cuisine for its powerful smokey flavours and pure satisfaction. Next is Malagón Mercado y Tapería, an authentic, bustling Spanish joint full of bright flavour and communal cheer. With so much on offer, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go for a standout meal. For the answers to your dining dilemmas, look no further than our guide to the essential 10 restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Why Should You Move to Charleston, South Carolina?

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Its cobbled streets, historic sites, quaint architecture all make Charleston the charming city it is today. Whilst its history and depth of character are appealing, the city is modern in every essential way. Blessed with a celebrated restaurant scene, every conceivable amenity and accessibility throughout the city, Charleston maintains a balance between its traditional charm and modern ease of life. The city is known for its miles of beautiful beaches, amenable climate, stunning scenery and historic architecture. No wonder Charleston has been voted the Top City in the US by both Travel & Leisure and Condé Nast Traveller more than once. With a population of welcoming people and a relaxed lifestyle, isn’t it about time you thought about moving to Charleston, South Carolina? 

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The Best Beaches in Charleston, South Carolina

In Charleston, South Carolina, you are spoiled for choice with stunning sandy beaches. This port city is blessed with some of the best coastlines outside of Florida. Try the city’s favourites in the summer for the sense of community, or hop in the car and drive just out of town for a more secluded feel. From family-friendly to picturesque, there are so many beaches to choose from. Grab your beach bag and your sunglasses before checking out our guide to the city’s best beaches.

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