Sacramento’s Best Coffee-Obsessed Cafés

Sacramento has many nicknames: ‘The City of Trees’, ‘The Big Tomato’, ‘ The Camellia Capital of the World’ and even ‘Hipster City’ on occasion, which was born out of the city’s burgeoning artistic community but could perhaps include their obsession with new-wave coffee roasters. Sacramentans love their cups of joe, but which are the best spots to enjoy your morning coffee or grab-and-go to stay caffeinated whilst sightseeing in this historical city? Check out our guide below to the best coffee shops in Sacramento, California.

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Sacramento, California Developing A Downtown Extension Worth Billions

Sacramento, California has finally broken ground on a seismic urban development project that will change the very fabric of the city. The Railyards, a vast 244-acre plot just north of Sacramento’s trendy, bustling Midtown district is set to receive billions of dollars worth of investment in transforming this disused area into an extension of the city’s downtown area. The area is one of the first visible indications of the urban centre when visitors drive from the airport. The underutilised space once housed the vital trans-continental railway workshops and trainbuilding facilities that helped to develop the country through the East-West Coast connection. The Railyards however, are in need of significant capital investment, progressive development vision and consciousness of environmental sustainability to achieve its fullest potential. With the demand for more office space, affordable housing, retail space, entertainment venues and hospitality growing in Sacramento, the Railyards seem like a sensible solution. 

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What to Do and See in Sacramento, California

As California’s capital, Sacramento has historically been as important as Los Angeles and San Francisco, if not more so. However, in recent times the glamour of Hollywood in LA and the booming technology industry in San Fran has left Sacramento somewhat in their wake. Today, Sacramento is showing signs of why you should not overlook this great, historical city. With revitalised neighbourhoods, a burgeoning art community, luxury hospitality and a masterful gastronomic scene, Sacramento is one of the best places to live in California. It has become a destination for many and home to a diverse population that have sought out the city’s desirable lifestyle from far and wide. With so much to see and do in the city including cultural events, quirky districts, markets and a medley of historical sites, Sacramento will keep you discovering the many facets of central California’s beauty. 

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Why You Should Move to Sacramento, California

California is one of the United States’ most desirable states for its warm weather, glamourised lifestyle and prosperous metropolitan hubs. For many looking at moving to California, the price of San Francisco and Los Angeles are too costly to bear, but Sacramento should be considered a cost-effective option that offers a modern luxury lifestyle with almost all the features of either other metropolitan city. Home to just over 500,000 residents within Sacramento city and a further 1 million in surrounding counties, the city continues to prove it has far more appeal than just the cheaper cost of living. If you are looking for impressive gastronomic options, great weather, water-sports and outdoor activities, a welcoming diverse community, beautiful architecture and a strong real estate market, look no further than Sacramento. Check out our list below of the reasons you should choose Sacramento for your future home. 

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Top 10 Restaurants in Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California has a thriving restaurant scene, supported by its championing of sustainable farming practices. Many of the city’s top restaurants employ a farm-to-table approach to cooking, with organic quality and sustainability of ingredients prioritised by the kitchens. The city’s fertile central California location gives the restaurants ample opportunity to support local growers and the city’s love for farmer’s markets helps to develop this contact between chefs and producers. Sacramento is also recognised for its myriad of cuisines on offer with restaurants drawing inspiration from their respective heritages or utilising fusion cooking with great finesse. From Latin American to East Asian flavours and everything in between, Sacramento has a wealth of dining opportunities to explore. Check out our list of the top 10 restaurants to visit next time you’re in Sacramento, California. 

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