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San Diego - California’s New Tech City?

As a state, California is propelled forward on the international stage by the leading industries of its globally renowned cities: Los Angeles and San Francisco. These two cities have played a significant role in ensuring California’s desirability on the global stage. Los Angeles’ leading media and creative industries, spearheaded by the film production of Hollywood have generated vast investment in the city through both business and tourism. As for San Francisco, the rise of Silicon Valley and the technology companies thereof have made it indispensable to California, the wider US economy and worldwide technological progress. However, with the rise of the technology industry in San Francisco, office rents have spiked 165% since Q4 2009. Whilst this demonstrates the desirability of San Francisco to technology companies to be in and amongst other leading global companies, it has also priced out a number of smaller companies now in need of another city to host their operations. Enter, San Diego. 

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The Best Bars in San Diego, California

San Diego is renowned for its craft beer microbreweries and independent labels that produce funky-flavoured, malt-heavy IPAs. But, we ask, there must more to this vibrant city than simply the trusty beer? In recent years, San Diego’s bar scene has blossomed into a varied and exciting landscape of oceanfront lounge bars with instagrammable skyscapes, beachfront tiki bars and enticing dens of drinking inquiry. Get the low-down on the hottest spots in San Diego with this quick and easy guide to the best bars in ‘America’s Finest City’. 

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San Diego’s Young Population is the Catalyst City’s Meteoric Rise

San Diego is a city garnering increasing desirability amongst young professionals.

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What to Do and See in San Diego, California

San Diego is teeming with great ways to spend your time. Savour the great weather and beautiful beaches that epitomise Southern California, become cultured at the city’s top arts venues or experience the world’s most spectacular wildlife, all on your front doorstep in ‘America’s Finest City’, San Diego. Enjoy all the great activities and sights the city has to offer with this quick guide to the essential things to do and see. With a range of activities for the whole family, for children and for adults too, San Diego has something for everyone. Check out our list below for the best activities in the city. 

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The 10 Best Restaurants in San Diego, California

For many years, many people have had preconceptions of San Diego’s restaurant scene. They thought of it as exclusively great Mexican food but not much else. However, over the past decade, San Diego has been the epicentre of a creative, culinary explosion. From lacking behind the competition, San Diego has become a hotbed for innovative cooking with a deeply-rooted sense of ethos. With many spots operating a farm-to-table philosophy, the quality of ingredients shines through in flavourful, inventive dishes. The future of San Diego’s restaurant scene has never been brighter thanks to a handful of establishments paving the way and inspiring a new generation of talented chefs to make their mark on the city. To find out more about San Diego’s top restaurants, check out the list below. 

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