Development Projects to Look Out for in Denver, Colorado

Denver has seen massive growth in the past decade and continues to be one of the hottest US real estate markets year after year, receiving major investment from international corporations. The 2020 Emerging Trends Report, compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute sees Denver competing with other hugely successful markets in Austin, Texas, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina (if you want to learn more about the real estate opportunities in these cities, check out the Propeterra Resource Page on our website. Denver’s sprawling population growth, influx of millennials, deep talent pools and economic diversity make it an attractive place to establish oneself. With this growth has come rising house prices, a dwindling supply of office space, rising commercial property taxes and increased corporate tax. These results have benefitted existing residents and, largely, companies continue to see Denver as a highly desirable space. The population growth has been outpacing new construction and the demand for commercial and residential real estate has spiked in recent years. The commercial development projects in this article will define a new age of Denver and what it aims to achieve, doing so in style. Check below to find out more!

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A Guide to the Best Breweries in Denver, Colorado

Denver is the centre of excellence for craft beer in the US. Whilst Denver doesn't have the same number of breweries as Portland, Oregon, it has arguably more quality breweries that have succeeded in expanding to fulfil the demands of a nationwide consumer audience. The city has a long standing tradition of brewing dating back to the pioneers of the Gold Rush during the mid 1800s. The brewing industry in the city was decimated by the advent of Prohibition at the start of the 20th century. It was only in the 1980s did craft brewing in the city finally have a resurgence. Colorado’s current governor was instrumental in this resurgence having been a co-founded of one of the state’s most influential breweries, Wynkoop. Currently, the city is home to a wide range of breweries at all different sizes of production and beer enthusiasts descend in droves on Denver each year for the annual Great American Beer Festival. Check below to find out more about the best breweries in Denver. 

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What to Do and See in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, a city in the midst of a renaissance through culture, gastronomy and communities. Denver is filled with brilliant experiences to be had and wonderful things to see from charming bookshops to historical architecture, museums to outdoor spaces, the city is always humming with activity and events. From its Old West Era roots to today, the city has changed dramatically but what remains is the enthusiasm of her residents that bring it and its activities to life. Explore the city’s historical centres, experience its deep sense of culture and hear its self expression through music. Denver is also the global capital of craft beer brewing, so whatever you find yourself doing or seeing, there is always an opportunity to enjoy a cold artisanal beer alongside. For what to do and see in Denver, Colorado, check out our guide below. 

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The Best Outdoor Things to Do in Denver, Colorado

Colorado is home to some of America’s best scenery. The wild landscapes outside of the state’s capital, Denver, offer some incredible experiences right on your doorstep. Live the best of an urban and outdoors lifestyle in Denver, with its bustling downtown and beautiful scenery just a stone’s throw from the city centre, there is arguably no better city to live in for those that love to explore nature. Whether you are passing through, living in Denver or even considering moving to the Mile High City, check out our guide to the best outdoor activities below. 

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade. The city has undergone a rapid transformation into a modern, metropolitan destination city known for its liberal lifestyle, great employment opportunities, healthy real estate market and easy access to the beauty of the Colorado landscape. The city’s development has caused the rise of a burgeoning food scene, inspired by the area’s history of hunting, fishing and rearing livestock, as well as the indigenous and hispanic populations. Maintaining a salutation to the past whilst looking forward is a philosophy that defines Denver, and its food scene is no different. Offering a diverse range of cuisines from New American to East Asian, there is something for everyone. Although this guide aims to provide the ten best places to eat in Denver, there have been many omitted that are deserving of recognition. These ten restaurants are only the beginning of the culinary story of Denver…

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