Liverpool - Where the Party Never Stops

Liverpool has been called the ‘most exciting place to go out in the UK’, and with its ever-changing array of pubs, bars and clubs it’s easy to see why. With a fairly compact city centre, it’s easy to get around and try a bit of everything, so whether you’re an indie kid, a hardcore clubber or a warehouse raver, here’s our guide to the best areas for going out in Liverpool.

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Everyone is moving to … Liverpool!

There is no denying Liverpool’s appeal as a destination for a fun weekend, but you wouldn’t want to live there, would you? Doesn’t it have terrible unemployment figures? Isn’t there a terrible amount of inner city decay?

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Liverpool - Capital of the Northern Powerhouse

 'The North' has long been characterised with a single four-letter adjective - 'grim'. It's a horrible little word that manages to offend just about anyone who lives anywhere north of Oxford.

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How much do you know about Liverpool?

Liverpool was made internationally famous by The Beatles in the 1960s, and since then it has been the centre of pop music not only in the UK but globally. Since The Beatles were first discovered in a small nightclub called The Cavern, Liverpool has not been shy about boasting about their most famous ‘sons’, they even named the airport after John Lennon! But Liverpool is much more than just the place where The Beatles are from…

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Liverpool’s Waterfront Regeneration

Sitting at the junction of the River Mersey and the Irish Sea, Liverpool is a proud Maritime Mercantile city with a fascinating history. One of the world’s major trading centres in the 18th and 19th centuries, Liverpool’s geographical location made it the primary port for the movement of goods to and from North America.

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