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Out With the Old… Cambridge New Development Update

Rising house prices and a shortage of housing stock in Cambridge’s city centre have led to an unprecedented boom in new towns and developments around Cambridgeshire.

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8 graphs to see how much Sadiq Khan delivered on London's housing

Housing has been at the heart of Sadiq Khan’s campaigns.

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A Guide to Myrtle Beach: #1 Destination for US Holidays

Myrtle Beach is the fastest growing holiday destination in the US and is forecast to consolidate this position at the top of the tree through a series of commercial real estate developments.

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Washington, DC’s $50 bln Development Pipeline for the City’s Future

Washington, DC has always been a prosperous American city. As the country’s capital, it is the hub of political and federal infrastructure, which have continued to draw outsiders to the city either for work, tourism or living. Given the city’s status, the US and the world look to Washington as a symbol of Americana, imposing a necessity for the city to maintain an attractive modernity to encourage investment. 

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Mega Development Projects Set to Revolutionise San Francisco

San Francisco has remained a 49 square miles, densely populated hotbed of financial, technological and creative industries for over a century. The limited space combined with San Fran’s growing international reputation as the centre for new-age technology in Silicon Valley, has caused commercial real estate valuations to soar in recent years. The high price of real estate and growing demand for office space has meant further limitations to the creativity of urban designers and architects. With large-scale infrastructure development projects few and far between, these multi-billion dollar construction initiatives will undoubtedly change the face of the city. Check out the revolutionary projects set to augment San Francisco by 2035 below. 

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