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Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles sees nearly 50 million tourists per year visit for its sun-kissed beaches, entertaining downtown, stunning scenery and liberal lifestyle. With so many visitors returning year after year, you have to ask yourself: what draws them back? Los Angeles has developed into one of the most important global cities, instantly recognisable and with high-demand real estate, it will see significant expansion in the next few years. With Propeterra, you too can move to this beacon of liberal, global modernity. To find out what drives people to Los Angeles and why you should consider moving too, check out the points below!

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The Best Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles - a city of perpetual glamour, high-rollers and Hollywood stardom.

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What to See and Do in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is famous around the globe for its high-profile residents of the Hollywood industries and its world-class amenities. The city receives approximately 50 million tourists each year, many of whom want to see the iconic sights like the Hollywood Sign, the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Pier, Universal Studios and lots more. Los Angeles is a great place to live but difficult to visit. Its expansive layout, numerous opportunities and sights to see make it a nightmare to decide what to do in a short period of time. For our recommendations of what to do and see in the City of Angels, check out the list below. 

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city renowned for the glitz and glamour of its modern media residents, home to the rich and famous from all corners of the globe and, importantly, a diverse gastronomic landscape offering everything from three-Michelin starred restaurants to moreish taco trucks. The international crowd has fragmented LA into distinct areas, each with their own style and atmosphere. From the designer shopping of Rodeo Drive to the chilled-out, stereotypical-California lifestyle of Venice Beach, Los Angeles is alive with dynamism, and the restaurant scene is exactly the same. The city’s board culinary horizon has created some of the world’s most innovative and visually impressive cooking. Check out our list of Los Angeles’ best restaurants below, to discover the pinnacle of modern cuisine. 

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The Development Projects to Define Los Angeles in the Next Few Years

Los Angeles has been growing in population, size and across industries over the past 10 years. The city has become the jewel in the crown of California, admired by hundreds of millions worldwide as the centre of trendy new media, the traditional big screen stars and a liberal lifestyle. The city has seen multinational corporations further establishing themselves in the city, with Google recently renovating Spruce Goose, an ex-aeroplane hanger, into their state-of-the-art office space. Google is set to further consolidate their position within Los Angeles with the acquisition of a spacious former shopping mall to house a branch of their operations. The city’s appeal to these vast companies will play a significant role in the future of LA over the next decade. 

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