Tampa Real Estate: Tampa Development Projects to Watch in 2020

Tampa is undergoing potentially growth-defining development projects. From new medical schools to residential complexes, Tampa is boasting its investment in new and exciting ways. With more than $1 billion worth of construction targeted to completion before February 2021, investment is pouring in to put Tampa ahead of the curve.

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Ongoing Downtown Development in Tampa, Florida

Downtown Tampa has continued to capitalise on its existing reputation as an important urban centre; home to high-calibre residential, commercial and recreational real estate. The Mayor’s office is keen to develop this area further, expanding in time into the suburban, satellite neighbourhoods.

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The Best Activities in Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a beautiful coastal city, rich in history, wildlife, people and weather. With so much on offer, we have made a shortlist of essential activities for you to do in Tampa. These activities are truly special, providing an authentic understanding of Tampa’s history, picturesque coastline and ferocious feline friends. 

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A Guide to the Best Nightlife in Tampa, Florida

Tampa is teeming with great ways to spend your evenings, be it relaxing with some live music in a rustic bar, checking out the view with a fruity cocktail downtown or dancing the night away to some of the best DJs in Florida. Tampa has lots to explore and to give you a sneak peak, we have collated our favourite after-hours establishments. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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Tampa: Top 10 Restaurants

Tampa’s cuisine is inspired by its rich, diverse culture with tastes that embody the feeling of al fresco bistro dining on the bay, warm, family comforts and white-tablecloth elegance. A city just as comfortable with farm-to-table restaurants as fine dining culinary showstoppers, Tampa has a wealth of culinary expertise ready to put a smile on your face and another notch on your belt. Check out our selection of fulfilling food to savour when you are next in the bay. 

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