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The Best Bars in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City’s conservative and religious past has often tarnished it with connotations of being a boring city, lacking in dining and entertainment opportunities. As Salt Lake has seen its downtown open up to modern, fine dining restaurants with more independent chefs and restaurateurs moving to the area, the dining scene has blossomed. The same can be said for the bar scene. As more young professionals and high-earners have moved to the area, the bar scene has drastically improved, providing hotspots for nightlife across the city. For the best bars in the new and improved Salt Lake City, check out our list below. 

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Salt Lake City’s Revitalised Downtown Benefiting Entire Region

Salt Lake City has all the necessary components for a hyper-successful city in the coming years.

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Salt Lake City looking to Capitalise on Growth

Salt Lake City is a city blossoming in the wake of innovation and sustained growth. The city’s entrepreneurial spirit and evident economic growth display the maturing of a city long overdue its time in the spotlight. A historical city for its early American Christian settlers and instrumental to the wider state as the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City has had, and continues to demonstrate, an attractive quality to outsiders who see it for what it really is, a great place to call home. With the recent prosperity the city has seen, the undergoing airport expansion, a rejuvenated downtown and a construction boom happening throughout from the CBD to the suburbs, now is a great time to buy in Salt Lake City. 

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What to Do and See in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah is blessed to be nestled within the wider Utah landscape with stunning scenery of varied ecologies. From the snow-capped Wasatch mountains, to the forests of the foothills and the mesmerising salt flats, Utah has it all. With over 220 days of sunshine per year, there is plenty of time to get out and explore this wonderful landscape and all Salt Lake City has to offer. From high-end amenities to a buzzing nightlife full of fun bars and historic speakeasies, SLC’s entertainment is thriving. Enjoy the sun, the snow, the wide open sky and, for a bit of culture, the city’s galleries, which are open for sociable events monthly. Check out the best things to do and see in Salt Lake City below. 

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is in the midst of an exciting gastronomic adolescence, transforming itself into a haven for a wide variety of culinary delights. The old days of the city’s fried food obsession are long gone, replaced by vibrant, international flavours and inventive techniques. The city’s organic growth in its culinary identity and restaurant scene has allowed dining establishments to lease the city’s interesting, existing buildings. Dine in quintessential American 50s diners, luxury fine dining settings and a range of modern, quirky and historic venues. Enjoy Salt Lake City’s extraordinary dining experiences alongside the city’s wealth of leisure opportunities, and take full advantage of the city’s brilliant entertainment infrastructure to fully experience the very best of Salt Lake City.

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