The Essential Sites to See in Baltimore, Maryland

Thomas Leverick
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Baltimore, aptly nicknamed Charm City, is best known for its seafood delicacies which are best enjoyed staring over the picturesque Inner Harbor. The city has a rich history and has played an essential part in defining what it means to be an American today. 

Voted by The New York Times as the hottest place to visit for 2018 due to its competitive food scene, trendy hotels and bustling bars, Baltimore is one of the coolest cities on the East Coast. The rich history of the city and its iconic architecture has been woven into the modern tapestry of city life. Find a trendy hangout spot in an old brownstone townhouse or converted dockside warehouse. 

Check out our list below of the essential sites to see in Baltimore. 



This annual art extravaganza takes place throughout the city. Much like the Edinburgh Fringe in the UK, multimedia and performance artists take over publicly accessible stages to exhibit their creations. The three stages and the hullabaloo surrounding the festival constitutes the largest free arts festival in the world. With performances from chart-topping artists, local talent and everyone in between, the city becomes alive with anticipation and community spirit. Walk the streets and buy hand-crafted jewellery, crafts, food and drink whilst soaking in the atmosphere. Attracting more than 350,000 people annually, the Artscape festival in Baltimore is not to be missed. 



Fort McHenry

This historical site was essential to the way the world is shaped today. America’s influence as a united nation could have never come to fruition if Fort McHenry hadn’t existed. Built in the shape of a 5-pointed star, Fort McHenry was the site of the Battle of Baltimore in 1814, defending the city from the invading Brits. Offering informative exhibitions full of entertainment and brevity, the 42-acre park is an essential place for children to learn about the city’s history but great for inquisitive adults too. The fort was the inspiration for the US national anthem ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ as penned by Francis Scott Key. The grounds are ideal for a Sunday stroll along the sea wall or a picnic in summer. 

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Aerial


Lexington Market

This historical market is over 230 years old and has played a crucial role in Baltimore’s city life over that period. This is a great spot if you are undecided about where to eat in the city. The food vendors cook up delightful smells that entice you to their stall. Don’t jump at the first one though, that’s always a rookie mistake. If you still can’t decide, ask a local for their favourite stall and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. One of 6 public markets in Baltimore, Lexington has played a key role in the city’s development, contributing heavily to the city’s sense of culinary prowess. With so much on offer, we won’t list the options - this is one to explore for yourself. 



Sagamore Spirit

Only a few years old, this distillery offers tours and exhibits about the history of Maryland’s rye whiskey production. For those that are fans of the drink, this is n essential destination. The extensive waterfront complex has a modern design hiding the traditional techniques of whiskey production. Visitors can tour the facility and witness how high-quality whiskey is produced before slipping off for a tasting and a trip to the distillery shop to buy a bottle for the cupboard. With certain tickets, visitors can enjoy the tour and hop onto a water taxi that will take you back downtown while you drink whiskey-based cocktails on the boat.



Baltimore Museum of Art

One of the most impressive collections on the East Coast after the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Baltimore Museum of Art spans centuries and genres with expert curation. With over 100 years of history, this museum has been collecting and protecting the works of art we are privileged to see exhibited today. The largest collection of Henri Matisse’s works hang in the Baltimore Museum of Art, which houses over 1000 pieces by the Fauvist sculptor-painter. Modeled in traditional neo-classical palatial style by John Russell Pope and complete with a portico featuring Doric columns, the museum feels suitably grand for the priceless works of art inside. The museum also features a sculpture garden and hosts live events from music to lectures. 



Mount Vernon Place

Mount Vernon place is considered to be the heart of Baltimore’s history and culture. Atop the 227 marble steps leading up to the square is the Washington Monument and public parks that play host to open-air events in the summer. Get a view of the neighbourhood’s decorative architecture with Beaux Arts, neo-classical and Italianate styles all cheek-by-jowl in one of the city’s most visually attractive boroughs. The Walters Art Museum, a gothic church and the stunning Peabody Library are all close to Mount Vernon Place. Take a day of culture and explore this beautiful and historically significant neighbourhood to learn more about the US, Maryland and the city of Baltimore. 


Baltimore’s rich history is visible throughout the city. The architecture, the harbours and the landmarks all contribute to Baltimore’s infectious appeal. With so much to see and do, a strong housing market and a famous culinary scene, Baltimore is a fantastic opportunity for families and investors. Contact Propeterra today to find out how to find your next investment opportunity in the US real estate market. 

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