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Baltimore has played a significant role in the development of the beer industry over the past two centuries. In fact, the patent for the beer bottle cap was invented in Baltimore in 1829. Canton, a town local to Baltimore, was the site of the American Can Company, famous for being the first to can beer. The Baltimore area was saturated with breweries during the late 19th-century, but sadly many fell to the pressures of the 20th-century market.

However, over the past 30 years, Baltimore’s beer scene has risen again. In America as a whole, the early 21st century gave rise to the craft beer industry, which focuses on smaller, independent breweries producing unique beers. Baltimore rode this wave and the city prospered from it. Check out our list below of the best breweries to visit next time you’re in Baltimore. 

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Diamondback Beer

Diamondback is the creative project of dorm-room experiments out of the University of Maryland by three friends. Developing their craftsmanship throughout university, Diamondback was launched in 2014 to much acclaim. As bespoke orders for the beer started to overwhelm the team, they decided to launch the brand on a larger scale by taking residency at an old Coca-Cola plant in South Baltimore. The site offers an engaging, dynamic atmosphere full of high spirits, stonebaked pizza and their signature beers. Try the New England inspired IPA Green-Machine, the Sundays Blonde Ale and their OPA or ‘oat pale ale’. 



Checkerspot Brewery

This spot was opened in 2018 near the M&T Bank Stadium by the team behind Checkerspot’s beers. Inspired by a scientific approach to beer with a creative flair, the team have created extraordinary beers packed with flavours. Try Checkerspot’s leading Juniperus IPA, a juniper berry-infused beer with the sweet pink notes and a tangy, sharp hit. If darker beers are more your choice, try the nitro-draught porter for a creamy beer that feels silky and filling. The two-storey taproom and outside space is ideal for tailgating before a game at the M&T Bank Stadium. 


The Brewer’s Art

A well-known brewery-cum-bar, Brewer’s Art, is split into two distinct floors. Upstairs, the bright, airy dining room is sophisticated yet unpretentious offering decent grub to tuck into alongside your craft beer. However, downstairs feels more akin to an after-hours venue. It is dark and cozy, the perfect place to while away some relaxing hours with a group of friends. Below this is the brewery, which has been producing excellent Belgian-inspired beers since 1996. Try the Resurrection, an Olde English style ale, or the Beazly, a fresh pale ale. While the dining room didn’t make our list of the best restaurants in Baltimore, the food is still well worth pairing with your choice of beer. 



DuClaw Brewery

DuClaw has been producing for over 20 years, since the craft beer scene in Baltimore was barely in its infancy. These pioneers first opened a brewery bar in Bel Air, just north of Baltimore. Over the past 20 years, these facilities have expanded to become one of the largest brewing operations in the city. Known for its inventiveness and sheer wackiness of flavours, DuClaw has been producing beers like the chocolate peanut butter porter to much acclaim. Recently, DuClaw’s rebrand has caused confusion as to how the brewery can both reinvent itself and remain true to the intrinsic qualities that made it so successful. However, beer enthusiasts in Baltimore are murmuring with excitement to experience their new creations. The hilariously named ‘Dad Bod’ IPA and the Sour Me beers are sure to stir opinions. Try their classic American lager for a quintessential taste, expertly brewed. 



Guinness Open Gate

Guinness is a household name worldwide. From the izakaya in Japan to the bars of Lagos and back to the streets of Dublin, the world enjoys the velvety smoothness of this special stout. When Guinness decided to open its first brewery in the US for more than 60 years, the home of the American-Irish, Baltimore, seemed like a fitting destination. Besides the marketing of which Guinness is so proud, the facility delivers on quality. Guinness itself remains brewed exclusively in Dublin, however here the range of the expert brewers is worth a try. The styles on offer are unusual and perhaps not often associated with the brand. Try the Blonde, a fruity white ale or the rye-based, peppery IPA. Enjoy a drink after your tour of the facility where visitors are introduced to the processes of making beer through to artefacts of historical beer brewing. 


Baltimore’s rich history would not be complete without talking about beer. It has played a pivotal role in the city’s history and now, the present. Take a tour of the facilities before chatting to the locals over a pint of some of America’s best beer. Baltimore could be your next home, so contact Propeterra today to find out how our expert advisors can help you maximise your real estate investment in Baltimore. 


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