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Living in Florida: What’s it like?

Florida, or the ‘Sunshine State’ as it is affectionately known, is the southernmost state in the United States, famed for its warm, sunny weather, extraordinary wildlife, range of shopping and entertainment opportunities.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

Wherever you are in Charlotte, you aren’t far away from great food. In recent times, the city’s gastronomy has rapidly outgrown the Southern specials of barbecue and fried chicken that once dominated the restaurant scene. Now, Charlotte is a culinary city enlivened by global flavours, traditional techniques and impressive service. With so much on offer in the capital of North Carolina, it can be a headache to decide where to go. Check out our list of essential restaurants below to help you and reward your palette with some of the city’s best cooking. 

Best Brunch Spots in Orange County, California

Bunch after a weekend’s morning walk is one of modern life’s simple pleasures. A pastime enjoyed by many, so much so that recently urban centres have seen a dramatic rise in demand for it. No longer is brunch solely the age-old hotel debate of continental or buffet breakfast, rather each brunch café or restaurant offers their unique take, separating themselves from the crowd. Sweet treats like waffles or french toast, selective coffees, vegan options and the homage to eggs are all well represented by brunch outlets. In Orange County, the suburban, SoCal lifestyle and the warm sunshine with a hint of Pacific breeze, have made it a hotspot for great brunch options. To find your spot for the weekend ahead, check out our guide below to the best brunch spots in Orange County, California. 

What to Do and See in Orange County, California

Orange County is a tourist hotspot thanks to its theme parks that draw millions of holiday goers every year. The area consists of Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine and Huntington Beach to name a few, each with their own distinct atmospheres, communities and attractions. The largely suburban lifestyle of Orange County means there are quaint shopping and eating spaces in and around the urban centres, as well as family-friendly activities along the coastline. Check out our guide to Orange County below. 











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