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Baltimore’s Massive Waterfront Renovation Project

Baltimore’s harbours and waterfronts have been central to the city’s identity and prosperity since the city’s inception. They play host to Baltimore’s crucial fishing and transportation industries, as well as acting as a social space that has been heavily utilised in recent years thanks to private and public renovations. 

A Guide to Myrtle Beach: #1 Destination for US Holidays

Myrtle Beach is the fastest growing holiday destination in the US and is forecast to consolidate this position at the top of the tree through a series of commercial real estate developments.

Washington, DC’s $50 bln Development Pipeline for the City’s Future

Washington, DC has always been a prosperous American city. As the country’s capital, it is the hub of political and federal infrastructure, which have continued to draw outsiders to the city either for work, tourism or living. Given the city’s status, the US and the world look to Washington as a symbol of Americana, imposing a necessity for the city to maintain an attractive modernity to encourage investment. 

5 of the Best Beach Bars in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is renowned as a holiday destination for its warm weather, miles upon miles of white sand beaches and its relaxing lifestyle. Its beaches stretch for 60 miles along the South Carolina Atlantic coastline, a strip known as the Grand Strand. Dotted along the Grand Strand are watering holes of all shapes and sizes, from lively cafés to party venues. Perfect for quenching your thirst during a hot Carolina summer day, pick up your flip flops and head to one of the bars on this list for a relaxing drink overlooking the panoramic views of the ocean. Check out the list below for some of the best bars along the coast in Myrtle Beach.  











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