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Complete Guide to London: How Much Do You Know About London?

Along with Paris, New York and Tokyo, London is always included in any list of the world’s great cities.

How much do you know about Thailand

Thailand was known as the Kingdom of Siam, or simply Siam, to outsiders until it officially became known as Thailand in 1959.

The Luck of the Draw - Social Housing in Myanmar

Luck is often cited as one of the factors necessary for success. Nowhere is that truer than in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, where the city’s poorest residents’ names are put in a hat and the lucky few who are pulled out get housed.

Safe and Sound - Social Housing in Malaysia

Like its neighbour Thailand, Malaysia has a pretty respectable record when it comes to social housing.

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APIP Corporate Video

Asia pacific investment partners

Brief Introduction to Mongolian Properties

Mongolian Properties

Regency Residence Penthouse
Regency Residence Penthouse
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The Olympic Residence
The Circus Residence - Mongolian Real Estate Investment
The Circus Residence
Village@Nukht Singapore Version
The Village @ Nukht


GDP per Capita_Hong Kong

GDP per capita - Hong Kong

GDP current_Japan

GDP - Japan

Hong Kong Rent

Rent - Hong Kong

Foreign Visitors to Niseko

Foreign Visitors to Niseko

Number of Foreign Hotel Guests in Hokkaido Over Time

Foreign Hotel Guest in Hokkaido

Hong Kong Prices by Region

Residential Prices - Hong Kong