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Bristol Housing Market: Pre & Post Covid Bristol Residential Market

Known for its gentility, liberalism and university, Bristol has hit television screens around the world this week. Since the death of George Floyd in horrific circumstances, Black Lives Matters protests have occurred across continents and forced the UK to confront the most egregious and distasteful episodes of its colonial past.

Birmingham: the epicentre of Britain’s Private Rented Sector (PRS)

Renting has become an increasingly common form of tenure in the UK. With constrained supply and systemic issues of affordability, more and more households are residing in private rented accommodation, with further concentrations of citizens living either rent free or in social housing.

Glasgow Office Market: The Booming Office Market of Scotland’s Largest Economy

To say Glasgow’s reputation is chequered would be an understatement. To some it is Edinburgh’s friendlier neighbour, where people speak their mind, and authentic Scottish culture resides. To others, it’s knock-off goods sold at the Barras Market, knife crime, and economic deprivation.

The strategic regeneration of Belfast

Belfast’s turbulent history needs little introduction. It is a story as familiar as the Middle East Peace Process, and no less traumatic. It exacted an impossible toll on its residents and touched a diaspora from North America to the Antipodes. But unlike some seemingly intractable conflicts, this story has a happier ending.











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