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Why The Phuket Tourist Industry Will Weather The Storm

Recent press covering the “Pearl of the Andaman” has not been positive. However, there are persuasive reasons why this negativity will be short-lived. With significant tailwinds driving the island’s visitor numbers, the underlying market fundamentals suggest that Phuket will weather the storm and continue its maturation as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

What Makes Niseko's Snow So Special?

Niseko’s ‘champagne’ dry powder snow is world-renowned. Keen snowgoers often cite the resort as receiving the highest-quality snow in the world for skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, Niseko is frequently listed as receiving the second-highest snowfall of any resort in the world, second only to Mount Baker in Washington State. This has catapulted the island resort into the skiing halls of fame. 

Heading East: Tourist Trends in the Asia-Pacific

A growing middle-class, a burgeoning Chinese economy and emerging prosperity on the Indian subcontinent continues to drive world tourism.

Why Niseko's Summer Activities Make It an Area of Investment Interest

Colloquially known as the “Aspen of Asia”, Niseko’s dynamic local economy has worked hard to diversify its tourist industry beyond just snow sports. Given the roaring construction projects in and around the notorious Hokkaido resort, this year-round tourist boom is welcomed by developers new and old alike. 

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