Wesley Davis Board Member Wesley Davis brings approximately 20 years of professional experience in Emerging Markets to the Board and has held a wide range of positions at Chase/JPM, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, HSBC and Renaissance Capital. Wesley has spent over seven years as a market maker and proprietary trader of Options and Credit Default Swaps as well as other fixed income products.Initially, he was based in New York with a focus on Latin America, he then moved to London thirteen years ago to assist in developing markets in the Former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Africa. As part of the E.M. Institutional Sales teams at Deutsche, ML, and HSBC, he has covered some of the largest Hedge Funds and institutional investors in emerging markets. He later switched to an investment banking role to focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and other “frontier” markets.Wesley holds a BA Degree in Economics from the University of Florida, an MBA from Arizona State University (1992) and an MIM in Finance from the Thunderbird School of Global Management (1993).